What are friends meant to be?

“I just realized how pitiful I am. Have I ever accomplished anything in my life beside than studying?” He continued, “My closest friend whom the only person that I can talk with…is different.”

“Today, I only realized that…The reason why she never start any conversation with me…Never once (except asking for help)…”

“The answer is pretty simple: Simply, in her mind, when she want to find someone to talk with, it’ll never be my turn…Or I don’t even existed in her mind. How ironic…Who would have thought of that?

Out of anyone…I’m the one that is left-unnoticed. Not to mention our long friendships that last 15 years. She can tell anyone about anything and yet, leaving me behind…Clueless…Until today. I guess I’m just a friend who; when is needed will always be there to help her…

Am I not spending enough time with her? She on the other side, only once, start up with conversation…And that…her action…is out of pity…Because she knew I’m alone. Did I do something wrong?” He started sobbing as I listened to his confession.


“I’m always there for you…Don’t worry…At least now, you can trust me…I’ll have your back…” I pat at his back and left.

And I’ve learned that finding friends are easy…However finding someone who to talk and share with…It’s hard.

-He, who can’t wear slipper


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